Fresh Screengrabs and NPC chatting

I have been making some progress including:

Continued effort to Voxalize everything. It is worth noting after a rather mean message I saw on a forum – these initial Voxel models are pretty simple rips of the original, I hope to go from a 16x16x16 to a 32x32x32 in the future with greater detail. I’m a coder, not an artist, so I am trying not to sink too much time into the fine details yet.

I spent quite a bit of time optimizing lighting, shadows and anti-aliasing. It looks quite a bit better but I am realizing that I have to make a major shift if I want to “hide” parts of the world or town/village etc that the Avatar can’t see in the original game.

I spent quite a bit of time months ago putting together the basic NPC dialog code with simple text windows. I have since created a basic conversation UI. It’s ugly, and unpolished – but it works, at least for every example I’ve tested thus far.

Less noticeable but pretty cool (I think!) is some optimizations I did for string lookups. To restate, it is my intention to use the original string databases instead of transcribing them whenever possible. I do this, not because it’s required – but more so I can say that I literally used every bit of the original as I could to recreate the original experience.

I also added the look feature (L). It’s rough, but works on basic map elements.

That’s it for now! I will be working on doors, optimizing framerate (major problem!) and lighting/hiding as I go forward in the near future.

The world!
Starting to get more and more voxels created.
Very basic and unpolished chat interface.
Just another day of development.

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